Roll ball is a popular sport, originated in the Asian region. It's a combination of basketball, throwball, handball and roller sports in which; two teams compete with each other.

Roll ball is similar to basketball 한국야동

Roll ball can be played indoors as well as outdoors on hard surfaces such as wooden or asphalt.

Roll Ball is a combination of roller-skates, basketball, throw ball and handball skills packaged in a high adrenaline game.

Each team has twelve players where six players are present in the field and the rest six acts as substitutes.

Equipment of this sports are Helmet and knee pads for all players, and a chest protector for the goal keepers.

Rules of Playing Roll ball

Run with the ball without dribbling

Skate with the ball without dribbling

Intentionally hit or block the ball with any part of the leg

Accidentally touch the ball with the foot or the leg

Benefits of Playing Roll Ball

Good Sportsmanship

Develop grasping skills

Eye hand coordination

Finger Muscles

Ability to move objects from one another

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